The ideal platform for software development...

    From simple, single file scripts to globally scalable applications, Linux is the ideal platform for software development and is widely used by developers from every segment of the market, from web applications & API's to machine learning, data science & internet of things.


    A powerful and surprisingly ubiquitous operating system...

      If you're an aspiring or even established coding professional who's trying to choose which programming languages and operating systems to focus on, you're constantly bombarded with a seemingly endless list of options. Although it's of course possible to master several major operating systems and coding infrastructures at once, the growing complexity of go-to platforms like iOS and Android have made this increasingly difficult.

      If you haven't already mastered Linux, however, you should make this powerful and surprisingly ubiquitous operating system a top priority. Similar in many ways to the famous Unix framework, Linux can be thought of largely as the operating system that other major operating systems rely on—making it a foundational system that lies at the heart of everything from the Android OS to major networking infrastructures and communication systems.


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